graffi di luce ~
THE LINE IN CERAMIC ACETATE: this line transforms precious metal plastic material to surprise thanks to the meticulousness of hand-made details.
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graffi di luce ~


This is a line that transforms plastic into precious metal and amazes due to the meticulous nature of the handmade details. I designed these models thinking of the patience of artisan work, which adds value to the object with experience and artistic ability. It is a new glasses project, in which acetate is engraved leaving traces of light around it, enhancing the single colour and digging into the material. Each piece is worked by master engravers from Vicenza, using the diamond-cutting technique: the precision with which a small diamond-tipped tool is expertly used to remove tiny strips of material is amazing. The small furrows left create chromatic effects that change the perception of colour and play on contrasts between shiny and opaque, rough and smooth: the glasses seem studded with rhinestones that direct the light like little precious stones.
In some models of this collection the diamond dressing technique is combined in perfect harmony with the mechanical milling to obtain a completely new colour composition. Rough and smooth surfaces alternate on the front, playing with full and transparent, shiny and opaque.

If you want discover the full catalogue please send the request by e-mail